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We get right to the point at Scarlet Songs. Put simply, we’re a rock and metal music publishing company.

What we do: We ensure your copyrights fulfill their earning potential. Administratively that means registering your copyrights & their uses and collecting royalties on your behalf. Quickly. Efficiently. Transparently. Creatively, it means we doggedly seek out great exposure opportunities for your music – like film soundtracks, covers and compilations.

So with a preferential publisher/writer split, a passion for heavy music and years of industry experience, we make sure you get every single penny you’re owed. It’s really that simple.

Whether you're a band wanting to form a relationship with Scarlet Songs or you have a project you need some killer rock tunes for get in touch with us and we'll discuss what we can do for you. 

Our Roster

The Afterparty

The Afterparty formed in early 2010, and quickly began making significant progress. March 2011 saw the release of the band’s first single ‘This Town’, which peaked at number four on Scuzz’s most tweeted and remained in the top ten for three weeks. Summer 2011 found The Afterparty playing very popular sets at Guilfest and Hevy Festival, before beginning work on their debut EP with producer Matt O’Grady (You Me At Six, Deaf Havana). They signed to Engineer in early 2012 for the release of the EP ‘Restless’, due out at the start of July 2012. With a full UK tour in September 2012 supporting Jody Has A Hitlist, this band is definitely one to watch.


Econoline Crush

Econoline Crush are a Vancouver-based alternative/industrial rock band -- vocalist Trevor Hurst, guitarists Robbie Morfitt and Ziggy. The band started in 1992 when singer Hurst moved to Seattle and answered an ad for a new band in a local music paper. Taking their name from French novelist Euxebe Auxtry's book Jeu de Fountaine (in which econoline crush was a drug that gives the hopeless a sense of optimism), they mix alternative guitar-rock with electronic music. After a brief hiatus from recording Econoline Crush are back with an excellent new EP Website


Sassy Kraimspri

Sassy Kraimspri's soulful punk sounds like PJ Harvey and Motorhead doing it in the hottub at your 18th birthday party; scumbag punk and some other junk making for a raunchy and melodic party in your pants. Norwegian born, New York raised gangsta and wily pocket thief cum music madame Sassy has travelled the world and opened for the likes of Ida Maria, Casiokids and Melissa Auf Der Maur. She has released 2 EPs and an album- "Dirty White Lies". They decamped to the UK in June 2010 to record The Pussy Magnet EP with producer Russ Russell (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, The Exploited, The Wildhearts etc.) which they released on New Year’s day, 2011. Website



Triaxis are a Heavy Metal band from Cardiff in the UK.  In an age when so many bands come and go as they jump on the latest trend, Triaxis stand out as a bastion for timeless Heavy Metal. They know what they love, and they set about writing and performing unashamedly rocking Metal songs that are as hard-hitting and raw now as they would have been if these guys had been around in the heyday of Metal's chart success. Memorable tunes, delivered with a passion and confidence that only a seasoned group of musicians can possess, have cemented their place at the head of the UK's resurgent Heavy Metal scene. Website


Trucker Diablo

Trucker Diablo began in early 2008 as four friends coming together collectively as a group to play music they loved and that defined them as individuals. This soon became an unstoppable machine through the local support of fans and the internet. Quickly they were hailed as a Northern Ireland super group due to the band members successful past. Present day Trucker Diablo have been playing the local circuit supporting Ricky Warwick and Adam Bomb on their recent UK tours and have released their debut album "The Devil Rhythm". Website

Zodiac N Black

Zodiac N Black are a fusion of Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, and Black Sabbath, imagine this sound bed with a grittier and a more modern approach and you will understand where these guys are coming from. ‘The Aftermyth’ is their long awaited debut album it was mixed by Alex Newport (The Melvins, The Mars Volta, Sepultura). They manage to stay heavy without being imposing, catchy without being pop and southern without being cheesy, these guys have created a sound which is unique to them and it’s a winning recipe. Website

Ripple Music Publishing

Hard driving heavy rock! Called "the best label in the world for 70's hard rock and classic rock" by Captain Beyond Zen, Ripple Music is a record label started by music fans for music fans. Scarlet Songs is working with Ripple Music on their growing publishing catalogue. Website

"The music industry is full of bullshitters who have no idea what they're talking about. In stark contrast, Charlotte (Director of Scarlet Songs) is a mine of incredibly useful and important information and knows precisely how to assist, enlighten and instruct floundering pillocks like me. Her attention to detail and generosity make her a refreshing rarity." Dom Lawson - Writer, musician and metalhead.

Scarlet Songs is proud to be administered worldwide by Touch Tones Music Ltd a part of the Tummy Touch Music Group.